Brisbane dating party

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I know your dirty secret: you say you only read The Daily Chrenk for the articles, but I know that what you really look for are the outrageous Tinder girls. I have to put that on my new Tinder profile, “The Daily Chrenk – Founder and Visionary”. No need to put on your best high-brow persona and chat me up about cultural appropriation or freedom of speech. You can get all that and more at any of the dozens of excellent local and overseas blogs and online magazines, and by people who are far more clever and better writers than me. Unlike the classy Griffith Uni girls, the quality at the University of Queensland has declined markedly since I remember. This game is like a shortened version of golf and if you have an hour to spare, it is a great place to spend a morning laughing at each another's terrible swings. Take in a show, installation or some music at The Brisbane Powerhouse. Whether it be winter or Summer it is always nice to snuggle up on the sand and watch the waves role in. Find a bathtub big enough to fit the two of you in it (even if it means going to a hotel) and enjoy chocolate fondue, strawberries, champagne and a romantic movie in a luxurious bubble bath. Ditch the pop up tent and find a more permanent structure so you can give Glamping a go. Jump online and check out all the crazy ways people are making art nowadays. Hold an impromptu dance party in your living room just for the two of you to celebrate the small stuff like dinner being ready. Make matching t-shirts you can wear on your next 52 dates.If you are on a budget keep an eye out for their numerous free event.6. Undertake a massive clean out of your house and donate all the clothes you haven't worn in the last year to charity. There are some amazing middle-of-no-where tents out there with large baths and king size beds for a romantic night away. Try blow-drying crayons onto card or throwing balloons filled with paint at a white canvas.

They have taken the best elements from that event to create Matched Speed Dating events that give you a mix between speed dating and a party.

A penal settlement was founded in 1824 at Redcliffe, 28 kilometres (17 mi) north of the central business district, but was soon abandoned and moved to North Quay in 1825, opening to free settlement in 1842.

The city was marred by the Australian frontier wars between 18, and development was partly set back by the Great Fire of Brisbane, and the Great Brisbane Flood.

Brisbane is home to a variety of live music and entertainment in a number of venues across the city, along with some major festivals, carnivals, sporting and community events that everyone will enjoy.

To see what's on in Brisbane this month, browse through the list of events below.

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