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The Wooster Geology Climate Change class spent a beautiful fall day in Stony Creek, Ohio coring beams in three structures of historical significance.They will determine the cut dates (calendar dates when the timber for the houses were felled) for the homeowners and then examine the tree-ring data that results to help reconstruct drought for the region.The two most common axes are a broadaxe and an adz.The broadaxe is used for scoring and for hewing larger pieces of lumber.The largest and straightest trees were used to create the structural timbers that would ultimately provide dry work places and shelters for their families.

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Making bread is an ancient craft that relies on the hands of the baker.

The word hewn is a way to connect the past with the future.

Everything at Hewn is made in-house, from scratch daily.

Dan cores into the white oak beam as Meredith keeps the utilities at bay.

Julia identifies the outer (bark year) rings of a large oak beam and sets the spoon to extract the core.

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