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This blog is dedicated to deliver short, interesting and practical tidbits of the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework. n.seconds # you can use 1.second n.minutes # you can use 1.minute n.hours # you can use # you can use n.weeks # you can use n.months # you can use 1.month n.years # you can use 1Return a new Date object that is n days later than the current one.At the first time, you didn't believe her of course.

There is no doubt that Russian brides have a stunning appearance that so many men are fond of.

May lead to The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life if the pairing is ultimately incompatible or too unstable. For double points, they had this relationship in the sequel series as well but in reverse; Silverbolt's spark was in one of their foes and Blackarachnia was determined to convert him as he had converted her.

The one-sided version of this may be a Villainous Crush.

When the hero of the show and one of the antagonists have a romantic tone right out in the open, as opposed to Foe Romance Subtext.

This adds a degree of tension to the relationship, and as long as you make sure the antagonist is less of a "villain", we're allowed to root for them.

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