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The 65-year-old singer decided to show off almost every inch of her considerable cleavage as she arrived at a charity ball.

Flesh flash: Cilla lets it all hang out at a London charity ball Perhaps Miss Black had been buoyed up by the flattering comments she received when in just leotard and stockings, she showed off a fabulous pair of legs at another charity fundraiser last September.

Lyrically, the remaining sixteen tracks tell stories of female empowerment, love and heartbreak and sociopolitical criticism.

Following an international tour of South America which began in 2004 and presentations in the United States, Ivy Queen partnered with the co-founder of Perfect Image Records, José Guadalupe, to form her own record label Filtro Musik and signed a distribution deal with Univision Music Group in 2005.

It is often considered as a studio-compilation release due to the amount of the album being previously released material.

Queen began working on Flashback after the moderate success of Real in early 2005.

On the runway, Ivy's outfit commanded a considerable amount of attention, as she had chosen to dress as a butterfly with very high stilts.

The days when average (or worse) looking guys hid out at night in elaborate drag outfits because that was the only way they could get attention are long gone.

Today's drag queens are hot men who do just fine without Aqua Net -- they just happen to like performing as hot women when the mood hits.

You have achieved success because you have made the right decisions.

Now, let Berkeley International be another one of them.

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