Updating lilo conf

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Many times, an alternate file will be used to store the new configuration so that a breaking change to a known-good configuration file will not leave the system without a usable configuration file.

If a configuration file in an alternate location needs to be used, it will have to be specified like this: , can be used to reinstall LILO to use the new kernel.

With dynamically assigned names, you can thus keep the same name for a given device, regardless of the connector used or the connection order, which is especially useful when you use various USB peripherals.

The first partition on the first hard drive can then be called In ancient times, some kernel modules did automatically load when you tried to access the corresponding device file.

All that /boot normally holds is your kernel image and boot loader files like those needed by grub and probably lilo.

Changing this will free up a tiny amount of disk space for another partition to use, but shouldn't otherwise affect anything.

/boot (on its own partition) is normally created as ext2 - not ext3 because it does not require any journaling - it's almost completely static and because it needs a tiny amount of disk space (somewhere around 100MB IIRC).

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See Configuring LILO for more information on how to do this.Save edited file *If you see "#", means that you have to type the command in the "Terminal" program found on desktop *Do not include the "#" while executing the command in the "Terminal" program For more grub details click here This option controls how long in seconds LILO waits for user input before booting to the default selection.One of the requirements of C2 security is that this interval be set to 0 unless the system dual boots something else.When the config file is correct, run LILO the same way you did in the section above this note.The last method shown above is not what is needed when the embedded machine's root drive is not in the running embedded system.

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