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Users who have an Internet connection can enable the Automatic Update option that automatically installs new updates as and when they are released.However, at times the AVG update process gets terminated due to various AVG update errors.same thing here 6 diferent systems on three diferent networks all having the same issues one network has 10 systems on it and 3 of them will not update except for offline updates.the offline update fixed 2 ( originally 5 out of 10 would not update online) one of the systems which will not update is a fresh OS load Usually when you cannot connect to the server, it is either temporarily down or its usage is at capacity.You can also run this same command on other versions by changing the version folder name for the following versions: AVG 2012, AVG 2011 and AVG 9.0.A key component of staying safe online is keeping your computer up-to-date. It might contain a security vulnerability or “hole” that can provide them with access to your computer.R’EAD: AVG Browser Configuration Tool Removes AVG Secure Search, AVG Toolbar and Restores Browser default Settings 2.While you’re expanded Schedules on left, select ‘Program Update Schedule’ and untick ‘Enable this task’, click ‘OK’ to apply the changes. Select ‘Update’ and set ‘Manual Update’ for Virus Definitions and Program Settings.

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I tried the proposed solution but no change in my problem. AVG Free antivirus automatically updates virus definitions and program update, they’re pre-configured in such a way in Settings.If you want to disable AVG automatic updates due to slow internet connection or downloading and installing updates taking longer time than expected, follow the steps below.Hello CC members, This mainly an information to a seemly common problems, but if you have any suggestions my questions are at the end. There are many topics about this issue on the forum. Thank you in advance for any help/info from your side. I installed all my required CC apps (Pr, Lr, Ps, Ae) and used them very well on my fast machine (sorry, it's just a good feeling). After that, none of the Creative Cloud apps where able to open.

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